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Premium Event Staffing is looking for professional: Bartenders, Servers, Security, Helpers, Promotional Staff, and other Event Staff for private parties and special events. We look for team players who are willing to jump into any role to help make the event a success.
Once you successfully complete the Registration form (on the right), you may be contacted by our staffing department for an interview.
Premium Event Staffing prides itself on providing only the best, most professional event staff for our clients. With that said, we expect only exceptional performance with all aspects of the event.

This includes:

1. Efficient and professional communication with staff, teammates, and clients during each and every interaction.
2. Effective use of our staffing app to communicate and to ensure successful event completion.
3. Strict adherence to tardiness and attendance policies.
4. Receiving no less than a 10 out of 10 review from the client, being well groomed, and being properly dressed.
5. Once you commit to a shift, we have a strict attendance and tardiness expectation.
6. We have a strict Code of Conduct policy. Any breach of this can lead to the removal from all future events.

Dress code and appearance items in the Codes of Conduct are dictated by the client and their event needs. When Premium Event Staffing announces all shifts in the app, the dress code is listed in the shift details. Employees have the choice to decline the shift if any of the details like pay rate, dress code, grooming standards, distance away, or any other shift details are not satisfactory.

Premium Event Staffing staffs private and corporate events. Events may have themes, appearance requests, or dress codes requested as a part of a client’s performance, artistic, or entertainment vision; as well as any elevated appearance requirements that may limit attire and appearance colors. Employees have the flexibility to apply to or decline any event posted in the app if they do not possess the listed attire or meet the event appearance expectations. Premium Event Staffing respects employees’ rights to religious freedom. If at any time an employee needs to discuss possible accommodations in regard to religious freedom, they need to contact their supervisor or another member of management prior to picking up a shift.

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