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Vetting Process

Recruiting Candidates            

Vetting Spreadsheet             

General Vetting Steps          

Vetting Script                             

Entering Staff into Ubeya      

After Vetting Call                      

Entering Staff into Zingle       



Sending Onboarding Packet

Certification Collection and Follow Up Process

Completing Page 2 of the I9 Document

Background Check Process

Onboarding Packet Audit Process

Order Processing

Different Forms

Management Processes

Admin Processes

Event Changes

Order Received by Staffing Manager

Prep Work


Staffing Procedure

Build Announcement

Add Shifts

Staff Selection


Stop Registration and Registration Pause

Manual Staff Entry   

Overstaffing and Backup Process


Day Before Event

Building the Roster


Event Day and Closeout

Event Day

Event Completion

Follow Up

Closing Events and Payment

Build Ready for Payment

Send Ready for Payment

Staff Notes and Tagging

Staff Status Changes

Payroll Processing

Receiving the Ready for Payment

Adding to PSS Payroll Spreadsheet

Monday Payroll Processing and Conversions

Staff Wanting to Remain Contractors



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