• Candidates
    • All applicants should come to the HR email so that none get missed. If a call comes in, it should be transferred to HR.
    • Our candidates will come from a variety of locations. This can include Indeed, through our website (Aweber form), or Craigslist.
      • AWeber Candidates: AWeber candidates are candidates that apply on our website HERE. They have usually either come across our listing on Google or are an employee referral. They will complete a registration form on the website.  Once registered, they will be redirected to a page that will require them complete a Code of Conduct Quiz.  ONLY when they complete this quiz, HR receives a notification from Aweber that the potential staff member has applied. The candidate is automatically subscribed to the Code of Conduct and Code of Conduct Back Up lists in Aweber.  This is where we are able to track all those that have completed the Code of Conduct Quiz online.  HR needs to review their answers to the Code of Conduct Quiz prior to calling the candidate to ensure the answers are correct.  If the candidate says no to agreeing with the Code of Conduct policy, we do not move forward with them. Once you have reached out to these candidates, you will delete them only from the “Code of Conduct” List of AWeber. * Verify they are under the “Code of Conduct Backup” section before deleting. Our Code of Conduct policy can be found HERE. If candidate is in DO NOT USE, delete their email and block them in Aweber.
                                      Meet your new subscriber!

teleza collier
signed up to your list “Code of Conduct”. Location
TX, Arlington, United States

  • Indeed Applicants: These are candidates that have applied to our Indeed postings. We will run the ads for specific events or for general recruiting. If it for a specific event, then HR will vet them for that event and have them apply for that event through Ubeya, if qualified.  Once applied in Ubeya, the Staffing Manager will do a secondary vetting call and discuss the event details.  If the ad is for general recruiting, HR will follow the standard vetting process.  Once you have reached out to the candidates and entered them into the vetting spreadsheet, you will mark them as reviewed in Indeed. If they are missing information and their resume looks good, you can also reach out to them via Indeed to get their missing phone number, schedule a time to vet, etc. If an applicant is not qualified for the position, mark them as rejected in Indeed. If candidate is in DO NOT USE, mark as rejected.

Eric Shelley applied
                                                 to your Bartenders and Servers job in Denver, CO



  • Craigslist Applicants: We don’t use this method often, but when we do, they will typically just send an email. The same process applies here as the rest of the lead sources above. If you need a phone number, etc., you will just reply to the email and request the needed information for contact.

From: J.T J.T <>
Sent: Monday, March 23, 2020 9:55 PM
Subject: Window Board up Install Needed

I’m James, I can do the job tomorrow, $150 + plywood. Text or call, 563.123.4563

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